Santa Clara County COVID Updates

Spring is filling the air while COVID particles are leaving it. Read on for recent COVID updates in Santa Clara County.

  • California COVID rates are continuing to drop as the positivity rate is down to 2%. COVID daily cases have not been this low since the summer of 2021, just before the Delta wave. In Santa Clara County, 87% of residents of all ages are vaccinated against COVID-19—the third highest county vaccination rate in the state.
  • Google announced employees will return to the office for three-day weeks next month after postponing its January 10th return to office date. Read more here.
  • Santa Clara County public school officials are strongly encouraged to update COVID guidelines as the state mask mandate expired. While it is still strongly encouraged to wear masks, especially for those at higher risk for COVID or if someone is feeling ill, it will be up to the individual’s discretion.
  • The Microbusiness Grant portal is now open for very small businesses to submit grant applications of $2,500 each. Small businesses in Santa Clara have struggled to stay in business throughout the pandemic. To qualify for the grants, a business must have been in business in 2019, have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, made less than $50,000 in total revenue in 2019, and have less than 5 employees. The application is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • A doctor and a radiation therapist at Valley Medical Center filed a suit in federal court on Monday alleging their employer’s vaccine mandate from last year violates their religious beliefs and forced them out of their jobs.
  • Two Santa Clara University students, Harlow Glenn and Jackson Druker, are suing the university over its COVID booster mandate stating it jeopardizes their college careers and violates their right to bodily autonomy, among 17 other causes of action. Read more here.