Fans at Levi’s Stadium? No time soon says Santa Clara County

New guidelines from State of California authorities announced Tuesday would allow for some fans to return to outdoor sports facilities.

The rules apply to counties in the state’s “Orange” or “Yellow” tiers. Alameda County – home to the Oakland A’s Coliseum, San Francisco – home to the Giants’ Oracle Park, and Santa Clara County’s Levi’s Stadium are all in those tiers.

Despite the new guidelines from the state, Santa Clara County leaders quickly responded.

“Audiences at professional sporting events will not be allowed anytime soon in Santa Clara County,” the county statement said.

It continued, “We cannot take chances with the health and wellbeing of our community and forfeit the many sacrifices that have been made to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

Under the state’s rules, the 49ers could have seen approximately 14,000 fans in the 68,500 seat outdoor Levi’s Stadium. Counties are allowed to impose stronger restrictions than the state, so Santa Clara County’s health leaders have final say here.

Health leaders and county administration officials reiterate their concern that COVID-19’s spread will increase in the cooler winter months. With more families gathering indoors during cold weather and over the holidays, officials are preparing for a tough few months.

County Executive Jeff Smith spoke at a press conference late Tuesday in response to the new guideliens.

“We haven’t even opened schools, we are still worried about businesses being able to survive,” Smith said, in part. “It makes no sense whatsoever to have audiences at stadiums.”