New Santa Clara County Library policies for homebound users

For many library users, getting out to a physical branch location is often the biggest obstacle to utilizing the numerous wonderful services provided.

To help ensure access for homebound users – including seniors and those with limited mobility options, the Santa Clara County Library system has announced new policies. The district is now allowing for a designated person to pick up items from local libraries or the Bookmobile on behalf of homebound individuals.

For homebound folks to identify their designated borrower, they can fill out the online form here on the district’s website.

“This new policy provides convenience and ensures that our patrons can obtain books, movies and other items with more ease and potentially, greater frequency,” said County Librarian Nancy Howe in a news release.

Under existing policy, library staff delivered items to homebound patrons once a month. The news system will ensure better service for those with mobility challenges.

The District has also instituted a policy change allowing renewals up to three times, each in three-week increments. That applies as long as there is not a hold on the item. Renewals can be done online or at library checkout machines.

“These great measures will help people whose lack of mobility would otherwise limit their access to library materials,” said County Supervisor and Library Joint Powers Authority Board Chairman Mike Wasserman.