Air quality town hall Monday in Cupertino

Cupertino residents will have the chance to hear a presentation – and ask questions – at a town hall forum early next week focused on the city’s air quality.

Moderated by Cupertino City Councilman Rod Sinks, the event is a joint effort of the City of Cupertino with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, though as of publishing time the event was not on the air district’s website.

According to available information, the event presentation will focus on the measures the Air Board takes to improve air quality and human health. Conversation is sure to mention the Lehigh Quarry and its recent application for changes at its Permanente Quarry in May. The company has been mining at the quarry site since 1903 and operated its cement plant there since 1939.

The Lehigh plan, which is currently under review by Santa Clara County officials, would allow the company to open a new mining area, stabilize the northern ridgeline and wall of its existing pit, and fill that pit with soil from regional construction projects.

The upcoming town hall is set for Monday, September 16th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. It will be held at the Cupertino Community Hall, 10350 Torre Ave.

It comes as the most recent in a series of community forums regarding Lehigh. The company hosted two public meetings in June, as well as two back in February, and Cupertino officials hosted their own town hall in late July.

For more information on Monday’s town hall, click here. To see the event’s announcement flyer, click here.