Santa Clara to hold bike share and e-scooter community meetings

A suspected bike theft was arrested in Cupertino Wednesday night after he was seen loading bikes into a pickup truck.

Shared bikes and e-scooters are a common sight in cities big and small across the Bay Area.

These new mobility options have been the source of heated debates, mostly focused on safety, accessibility, and concerns from residents and businesses over where users park them.

As part of its ongoing conversation to determine new regulations on these emerging transportation modes, the City of Santa Clara will host two community meetings to hear from residents and businesses about what is – and is not – working with bike and scooter shares.

The City of Santa Clara has barred e-scooters from operating in Santa Clara, following an emergency moratorium that was put into place in late 2018. E-scooter company Bird has expressed interest in operating in the city in the past.

Numerous bike share companies operate in neighboring cities, including the popular Ford GoBike program in San Jose. Lime Bike, based in San Francisco, previously had its dockless electric bikes for rent in Sunnyvale and Mountain View before eventually pulling its bikes from much of the Bay Area.

Santa Clara’s Central Park Library, 2635 Homestead Road, will host the meetings.

The first meeting is Wednesday, May 16, and the second is Wednesday, May 23. Both will be from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

If you want to be part of the conversation or to see more information, click here.