Residents can review Work Program documents before council’s meeting

Photo: Courtesy of City of Cupertino Facebook.Photo: Courtesy of City of Cupertino Facebook.

The City of Cupertino is making as much information available as possible about the City Council’s Work Program for 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Earlier this month, the Cupertino City Council sat down at the Quinlan Community Center and hashed out its priorities for the rest of this year. City staff are working through priorities now and creating a list that estimates “required resources within the appropriate departments

Residents can review documents associated with the Work Plan now, well ahead of the council’s March 19 meeting, which will include a study session. Documents hosted on the City website include: the City Manager’s staff report, priority setting Work Program ideas, priority setting rankings, and rankings sorted by City department and division.

The he annual meeting saw the council establish its “goals and prioritized initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year,” according to the City website.

Residents can watch a video of the full Feb. 2 Priority Setting Session on the City website.