Attendance dwindles at second design charrette for Vallco Specific Plan

The opening presentation of the second charrette for the Vallco Specific Plan took place on May 21.The opening presentation of the second charrette for the Vallco Specific Plan took place on May 21.

About 25 people attended the opening presentation of the second design charrette for the Vallco Specific Plan Monday evening at Cupertino City Hall, a significant decline in attendance compared to the 75-80 people who attended the opening and closing presentations of the first design charrette on April 9 to April 13.

The event, led by Dan Parolek of Opticos Design, the lead consultant for the community planning process, addressed concepts that have primary community support, such as the development of a vibrant town square and open space at Vallco, as well as a land use economics presentation from Benjamin Siegman of Economic & Planning Systems, and strategies to reduce traffic by Patrick Siegman of Siegman and Associates.

Siegman showed that the value of market rate apartments per unit would run from $800,000 to $900,000, and below market rate apartments would run an estimated $300,000 to $350,000. Condominiums would run just over one million dollars.

Patrick Siegman discussed parking management as well as traffic mitigation measures during his presentation, proposing strategies such as regulating parking at the Vallco site and improving transportation choices to reduce traffic at the site.

Monday’s presentation concluded with a timeline of “next steps” post second charrette. Parolek explained that the final public review draft should be in front of council in October.

A closing presentation will take place this evening from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m at Cupertino Community Hall. This presentation will wrap up the work of the design studio sessions and open houses held earlier this week.  A community meeting with FUHSD Superintendent Polly Bove also took place Tuesday evening, where the impact of the Vallco project on Cupertino schools was discussed.

To watch Monday evening’s opening presentation, click here. For more information about the community planning process for Vallco, click here.