Residents call for off-leash hours at Jollyman Park

over 70-percent of residents in a recent survey supported having an off-leash dog area at Jollyman Park in Cupertino.

A petition created by a group of local residents on Care2 is asking the Cupertino City Council to consider off-leash hours (one hour before and after sunset) at Jollyman Park.

“Since there is an on-leash law throughout Cupertino, dog owners are getting ticketed for such off-leash dogs,” the petition states. “Due to geographic limitation such as small yards and condo living, pet owners need to get the City of Cupertino and our representatives on board to allow us the freedom to exercise, socialize, and play freely but responsibly in our Jollyman Park an hour before and after sunset.”

Jeff Milkes, Cupertino’s Director of Recreation and Community Services, says an off-leash trial period could run from April to September, according to Mercury News. The proposal includes poles and signs to mark off-leash areas in the southern portion of the park.

At the time of publication, 219 supporters signed the petition.

To read the petition, click here

3 Comments on "Residents call for off-leash hours at Jollyman Park"

  1. Yes! I think it is a great idea. My dog is overweight and cries to play every times he sees a dog. It will give them great opportunity to socialize and exercise. It also gives owners to stay connected with the community and socialize as well.

  2. Agree that this is a good idea! Several cities in the Bay Area have already done similar programs and these have been quite successful. It’s good for the dogs and good for the humans!

  3. We need this very simple solution. Its a good compromise.

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