POLL: What is your biggest challenge of living in Cupertino?


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As the end of the year approaches, the Cupertino Today staff wants to hear from you about the challenges of living in Cupertino. It is our goal to write about the things that impact the community the most, so we encourage you to participate in our poll and continue to read the Cupertino Today as we will share the results on our website. 

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What is your biggest challenge of living in Cupertino?

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14 Comments on "POLL: What is your biggest challenge of living in Cupertino?"

  1. I’ve lived here for 30+ years and the traffic is now much too dense for the existing roads. Also, the cost of living is a close second choice for major issues. Retail is limited to restaurants and Asian stores. There is no real retail anymore. I do most of my shopping in other towns.

  2. I live in Santa Clara but near Cupertino (by Apple Park) and my child attends Cupertino schools. I agree with the other comment – traffic is getting really bad during “rush hours” and attractive retail is not really “there”. Main Street was a good attempt but not something I’d visit more than once in a while; it also seems to lack any “Cupertino” personality. Wish Vallco was more like Valley Fair, as I’d go there instead of battling Santana Row/Valley Fair congestion.

  3. Traffic is the fastest growing problem.

  4. Amanda Hockley | December 13, 2017 at 7:51 am | Reply

    I would say the lack of public transport is the worst problem. If there were better buses or a train system then there would ultimately be less traffic on the roads. Younger people could travel more easily too, but that wasn’t even one of your options!

  5. I live in Cupertino over 30 Years. It used to be and feel an intimate country town with excellent schools and life quality. Cupertino, I the past few years, is seeing tremendous growth in population, traffic congestion is unbearable and still getting worse. Excessive high density housing construction negatively congest our roads and classrooms at our schools. Main Street project is a total failure – unattractive block of buildings and handful of restaurants. Instead of being an open air shopping and entertainment area, it looks like 19th century fort…. very disappointing!
    The mayor and city council should listen to the public in public hearings. There is a noticeable shortage of public parks for recreation. Practically, BlackBerry Farm and Memorial Park are it… With all the people flocking to live in Cupertino we need more parks and green spots. Learn from Sunnyvale – many parks spread out there. And Valco still remains a white elephant….

  6. Richard Lowenthal | December 13, 2017 at 9:09 am | Reply

    School traffic has always been a challenge here and continues to be so. Now we have spillover traffic from freeways 85 and 280 and unfortunately the Waze app sends people right down our streets.

    I’m of the belief that insufficient housing is contributing to the traffic problems as people’s commutes are too long and that fills our freeways. So I welcome more apartments and condominiums in Cupertino.

    I disagree with the other commenter about Main Street. We love Main Street and go there at least once a week. The restaurants and hotel are really nice. We occasionally go to the Target there too. We’d like Vallco to be just like a bigger Main Street.

  7. A Different Adam | December 13, 2017 at 10:23 am | Reply

    We also love Main Street. While we all know traffic has gotten worse (in and out of Cupertino) There is no doubt the biggest problem is the cost of housing. That’s odd for me to say because as a long time owner and resident I have benefited tremendously from housing values caused by supply shortages. But while I have reaped this tax deductible benefit that will make for an earlier and more comfortable retirement, there is a high cost. What is that cost? As a long time resident with adult children starting families, I have seen this cost–it comes in the form of exclusion. My children have all opted to start their lives elsewhere. Not because they couldn’t find lucrative jobs here–but because they could find lucrative jobs lots of places where they could actually buy a home. All of us know or have seen the impacts of this in some personal way. So, my vote is on cost of housing. We also need to address traffic–but without more housing we will be making a conscious decision to enrich ourselves at the cost of younger and future generations who were not lucky enough to be here to take advantage of the gold rush we have.

  8. I also feel that traff is the greatest challenge we have some power to change followed by the housing shortage. Without traffic congestion many of our quality of life issues would be diminished or disapere.

  9. I’m happy with Main Street, other than the name ;), and hope the day comes when more retail w/live above units arrive throughout the city. *We must encourage a trolley/electric bus going down Stevens Creek and DeAnza boulevards, and can’t keep complaining about density. Traffic medication yes but we’re fighting a losing battle if we think that the whole bay area is going to stop growing and if we truly want to preserve green space we *must build up, not out, as we did in the 50s and 60s, including 1-2-3 story additions for our schools. Encroaching on field space and other green spaces for students at our schools is an equal tragedy. Unless Cupertino residents get out of their cars and walk or bike or bus to Cupertino stores we cannot complain about the traffic; I see tech workers walking throughout the city all the time… why don’t we? I’ve complained about traffic (up to 45 minutes to go from WFds/deAnza to CHS/main street or back) and my daughter finally started taking the bus to go down the boulevard. Faster!

  10. I have lived here since the 70’s and the condition of Vallco is sad. Vallco should be bulldozed and turned into a park. With the exception of AMC Theaters.

  11. Anjini Saharia | December 15, 2017 at 7:25 am | Reply

    Traffic is the biggest challenge living in Cupertino. The city looks like a concrete jungle with hardly any open space. Schools have become crowded and less attention to students is provided by teachers. Its a ripple effect to increase in population in this city.

    • SHARON L SATURNIO | December 16, 2017 at 7:38 pm | Reply

      Completely agree with you. I am not sure if many teachers can even afford to live in this community, wit the rents the way they are.

  12. SHARON L SATURNIO | December 16, 2017 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    We have lived in Cupertino since 1992 our kids graduated high school here, and our son is now a 11th grader. Cupertino used to be a small quiet community. Now it is so packed with people and cars and we keep building more housing with the prices in the thousands per month. How much more housing and people can this small community handle. The schools are getting over crowded and the traffic congestion is getting unbearable. We have five schools in the area getting out at 3pm. Its only going to get worse so if you think its bad now just wait.. As the old saying goes too much of a good thing is not good at all. Its not going to get better any time soon. Its a shame it was so nice many years ago and I miss that small time community feeling. As far as retail we go to mountain view or los gatos. There is nothing to do here in cupertino and there is not to many restaurants that I like to dine at.. This is a great community but just to jam packed.

  13. The poll result is curious. I can understand that cost of living is the biggest challenge for people who want to move to Cupertino. Why is it the biggest challenge of living in Cupertino? If you are already living in Cupertino, then cost must be manageable to you.

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