Declining enrollment brings challenges to Cupertino schools

declining enrollment brings challenges to Cupertino schools

A significant enrollment decline in San Jose’s Oak Grove School District means possible school consolidation. According to ABC 7, a consolidation committee has been created in San Jose to recommend 3-to-5 campuses for closure next year. 

Luckily in Cupertino things are not so drastic, but the Cupertino Union School District confirms that it is also experiencing a decline in school enrollment. School closures or consolidation, however, are not expected.

In a written statement to the Cupertino Today staff, Superintendent Craig Baker said, “We recently had a citizen’s advisory committee submit a report with some suggestions for me and the Board to consider.  The District has made it one of its priorities to further explore these options, with a focus on how we can better balance enrollment across our elementary schools.”

According to a report by the Cupertino Community Advisory Committee (CAC), key recommendations have been established to address the impacts of declining enrollment. The recommendations include open enrollment opportunities (inter-district), new education programs, communication and marketing strategies to inform Cupertino about communities of services and offerings, and funding and revenue recommendations that will potentially increase the District’s sources of funding and/or revenue. You can read the full report here.

Superintendent Baker has confirmed that discussion regarding this issue will continue. He said, “We will likely have several discussions on this topic at our Board meetings over the remainder of this school year and next.”