Cupertino to consider allowing outdoor operations for more businesses

With Santa Clara County in the ‘Red’ tier of COVID-19 spread, more businesses are reopening their doors. Cupertino may make it easier for others to expand their operations.

The City Council is set to review, and potentially enact, an emergency order Tuesday allowing a number of outdoor operations.

City staff is recommending adoption of the order, allowing some retail, personal care services like hair and nail salons, and gyms to expand existing or move to outdoor facilities.

County health officials reiterated Monday that outdoor activities, particularly with facemasks, are safer than any indoor interaction. While the statement was targeted at indoor dining particularly, the lessons apply to other industries.

“One critical lesson we learned about COVID-19 is that outdoors gatherings are safer than indoor gatherings. We have also learned that face coverings play a critical role in preventing the spread of COVID-19,” the county’s statement read.

To read the draft emergency order to see how it might affect your business, click here.