Workers’ rights groups gather for tech contractor event

Some local worker-focused organizations and unions are joining forces today for an event focused on contracting services in the tech industry.

The ‘Responsible Contracting in the Tech Industry’ event is a collaboration between TechEquity Collaborative and Silicon Valley Rising, both of which focus on service workers’ rights for those on and around tech companies and their campuses.

This event, according to event information, will focus on how to “implement such standards, tech companies, tech workers, and labor and community organizations have an opportunity to reshape conditions for service workers not just in tech but across all sectors.”

A panel discussion and Q&A will be followed by networking.

The panel, moderated by TechEquity’s Cathering Bracy, will include:

  • Maria Noel Fernandez, WPUSA/Silicon Valley Rising
  • Michael Matthews, Facebook
  • Maria Trujillo, custodial worker, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) United Service Workers West (USWW)
  • Leslie Miley, tech worker, author

According to organizers, thousands of subcontract workers – mostly in service roles like janitorial staff, cafeteria employees, security officers, and shuttle drivers – work in and around tech companies but do not have access to the benefits and job security that the full-time workers at those companies have.

With the rising cost of living – particularly in transportation, housing, and food costs – service workers face a number of unique challenges that the panel hopes to discuss and highlight.

The event, set to start tonight at 6 p.m. wraps up at 8:30 p.m. The Historic Adobe Building, 157 Moffett Blvd., in Mountain View will host the gathering.

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