Cupertino Rotary supports Camp Fire victims

Cupertino is helping raise money to support victims of the Camp Fire. Photo courtesy of the Cupertino Rotary Facebook page.

The Rotary Club of Cupertino is joining other chapters of the service club to raise money to support victims of the devastating Camp Fire.

According to the club’s website, the Cupertino Rotary Club Board donated $2,000 to the effort as of last week. The club has joined up with other Rotary clubs up and down the state to support the Paradise Rotary Club’s fundraiser.

The Camp Fire ravaged Butte County and most notably the Town of Paradise in November. It killed 88 people and scorched 153,336 acres, according to multiple media reports.

People can donate to the cause through the Paradise Club’s GoFundMe page. As of last week, more than $168,000 had been donated toward a $250,000 goal.

Disaster seems to always happen to other guys. Now WE ARE the other guys,” the fundraiser page reads. “Our homes, lifelong memories, and in some cases, the lives of loved ones are lost to these catastrophic wildfires. Our merchants are rocked; with the loss of merchandise, their locations, and worst of all, their customers. But we are Paradise Strong!”

For more information about Cupertino Rotary’s role, click here.