Entering a new phase with Cupertino Today

Note from our Publisher

When we started Cupertino Today in the summer of 2017, I wanted to create a news site that would connect the community and would provide hyper-local, trustworthy news. Today, I am proud to see this news portal evolving and our readership and online following growing. My favorite part of writing about Cupertino really is finding those unique events that bring community members together.

 The process to create Cupertino Today started slowly. My hypothesis was that everyone knows Cupertino is home to Apple, but not much else. My staff and I use that curiosity for what makes Cupertino unique — apart from being home to our iPhones – as our daily starting-point. We seek to learn more about the schools, city politics, and business environment. Cupertino has a wealth of compelling stories, important civic issues and useful community information that has been going untold for too long.

While I knew Cupertino residents would appreciate a news website dedicated solely to their community, I never imagined how far Cupertino Today would come in just a few months. Today, cupertinotoday.com has become a major news source for the community. We want to continue along that path. Our focus remains reporting credible, fact-based news that is useful and informative for everyone who lives, works or is a visitor in Cupertino.

Entering a new phase

That said, I am thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter for the news site: an expansion on the goal to provide the news that you deserve and can count on.

In this second phase, I plan to strengthen our editorial board by encouraging experienced and knowledgeable freelance writers to contribute to Cupertino Today. Anyone who has relevant experience and is familiar with Cupertino is welcome to send me their resume to phil@cupertinotoday.com and express interest in joining our team.

Additionally, we are introducing advertising opportunities on our website starting today through direct sales. The rate sheet for advertisements can be found here: Advertise With Us

Why advertise on Cupertino Today?

  • Your advertisement will be placed on a growing and respected online new source for Cupertino
  • Readers will view your advertisement in an easy-to-read format, available anytime, any place
  • Your advertisement can also be placed in the weekly newsletter digest
  • Your advertisement can create the opportunity to expand your audience through our Facebook and Twitter followers

If you value the service we provide, we encourage you to promote your local business and support the future of our news site.

Thank you for your readership and support

I would like to thank all of you – the community – for your readership and support. Keep sharing your breaking news or information about local events, photos and videos with us. With your input, we can make Cupertino Today even more valuable.

Phil Siegel

Publisher Cupertino Today