A ‘Grand Design’ in Cupertino

This Cupertino home has been recognized for its 'Grand Design'.This Cupertino home has been recognized for its 'Grand Design'.

When home values soar, you don’t just attract wealthy home buyers, but also top-tier architects.

That’s the case for a Cupertino home built in 2016 that has been featured by various architectural publications in recent months. The home sits on the boundary “between suburb and wilderness,” according to Craig Steely Architecture.

Called Pam and Paul’s House,  “floats in the canopy of a dense Oak grove in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains,” the architectural firm’s website states.

The two-level home on a “sloped site” features “vast stretches of glass that overlook the treetops,” noted the online magazine, Dezeen

“The conceptual idea came clearly and quickly—float a glass box in the leaves of the trees on two trunk-like columns, disrupting as few oaks as possible,” according to the architect. “The dense tree canopy offers the opportunity to build a completely glass walled house, protected from the direct rays of the sun, yet filled with dappled sunlight. The steepness of the site directs the entry to the living level from above through a grass-covered roof, like an open meadow sitting in the tops of the trees.”

The home has an observation deck in a grass field, along with a garage and foyer of zinc panels and mirror glass. The main living area “is cantilevered into the tree canopy while bedrooms, bathrooms, service and storage are located behind a long wall of cabinetry along the hillside.” 

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