San Jose Water unveils state-of-the-art water treatment facility

A ribbon cutting for San Jose Water's newest plant took place on May 23.A ribbon cutting for San Jose Water's newest plant took place on May 23.

San Jose Water unveiled its newest, state-of-the-art water treatment facility Wednesday, May 23. 

The Montevina Water Treatment Plant, which supplies water for Los Gatos and surrounding West Valley communities, received $60 million in infrastructure improvements, including “the largest U.S. installation BASF’s ultrafiltration fiber technology to clean and remove bacteria and viruses from water, ensuring it meets the highest water safety standards available,” according to San Jose Water.

The plant can treat 3-5 billion gallons of water annually and can serve about 100,000 people during the summer months and up to 300,000 in the winter months.

The plant was originally commissioned in 1970 and was due for an upgrade to “meet regulatory standards and maximize the use of local water resources available to our community,” according to San Jose Water, the South Bay’s largest water retailer.

Wednesday’s unveiling was attended by San Jose Water CEO Eric W. Thornburg, President and COO Andrew Gere, Los Gatos Mayor Rob Rennie, and Santa Clara Valley Water District Director Gary Kremen.

San Jose Water released this drone video to provide a broad view of the water service process.

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