Cupertino commission to review cricket field feasibility study

cricket field

Cupertino’s Parks and Recreation Commission is set to review a feasibility study for installing a regulation-sized cricket field in one of three city parks.

The city has been searching, not without struggle, for a space large enough to fit a full-size cricket field. While Cupertino opened a pitch near the Civic Center and library in 2010, it is not large enough for adult regulation play, according to city staff.

“While the sport of cricket has been increasing in popularity in the U.S. and in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is currently no dedicated field for play in Cupertino to meet the requirements for adult international play,” according to city staff.

On Feb. 1, the city’s Parks and Rec Commission is set to discuss a feasibility study prepared by landscape architecture firm Callander Associates about the potential to locate at three city parks: Creekside, Jollyman and Wilson.

The study reviewed whether the three parks had enough space for a field, as well as the activities that would need to be sacrificed in order to build it.

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  1. Yeah let’s spend a lot of money for a sport that not really that many people play. There’s a cricket field next to the Cupertino library and I don’t see cricket being played there that often.

  2. No. We should not. Don’t waste taxpayers money

  3. When this study was initiated, anyone considered how it is going to impact the neighbors in terms of traffic and noise, and the existing facilities people are enjoying for years? Not sure I like to see the green fields and playgrounds for kids to become a parking lot.

  4. Please do not destroy the beauty of the parks we have right now.

    • David Ranney | March 4, 2018 at 9:54 pm | Reply

      I agree completely. These proposals would utterly destroy the parks they target. Creekside park is a wonderful general use area with nice open space. Wilson park has a combination of little league diamonds and a regular park to stroll in.

      If this becomes a real proposal I’ll be dead set against it.

  5. Absolutely not in favor of a Cricket Field/Stadium taking over our neighborhood park. Wilson Park is an historic and important part of our neighborhood for BBQs & social gatherings, children’s play areas, dog walking, daily tai chi, etc. which a LOT more people engage in than Cricket. There are no other green parks for these activities within easy walk of the very heavily residential area around the current Wilson Park region.

  6. We need our park. Every day I see the beautiful diversity many utilizing the park and having family time. Isn’t there already a cricket field in Cupertino? We don’t have that many parks here and this is a strong appeal for our neighborhoods that surround the park. What about the kids baseball and softball teams and the little youth center at the park? Please find another solution.

  7. I am absolutely opposed to changing Wilson Park. It is supposed to be a neighborhood park, as promised from the beginning. I have been a resident of the neighborhood since the park was first developed, with the City dedicating the park with that intent. A survey should be taken to see how many neighbors B favor the change. I have a feeling that very few if any neighbors would make use of a Cricket Field here, but those using it would come from other areas, even neighboring cities – Sunnyvale, San Jose, etc.

  8. I completely oppose these plans for adding a cricket field, especially for my home park of Wilson Park. My kids use the park, I use the park and I don’t want the traffic and parking nightmare during matches. Parks are supposed to be for everyone, especially all kids. Not for every niche sport. Just like I would never support losing park space and public funds for any others. For various sports and activities, especially such a large scale one, form a business and raise money to buy/lease a piece of land to build a facility. My daughter does gymnastics but I don’t expect cupertino to build a huge gymnastics facility using public lands and funds either. I found a company in santa clara that built one and drive her there.

  9. Kelli Richards | February 28, 2018 at 4:06 pm | Reply

    this is a terrible idea — that field is surrounded by residential, and can’t sustain the additional traffic, parking, crowds, and lighting challenges that this situation would create (including the surrounding neighborhoods by extension).

  10. How about using the current site of Vallco Mall for this new field instead (along with ice skating, bowling, Bay Club and the AMC theater)?

  11. Very bad idea to sacrifice the beautiful park for a not so popular cricket field. Kids use the soccer field at creekside park on daily basis, either practice or games. How often will that be used for cricket play? Please don’t waste taxpayers’ money. This project is not beneficial but a disaster.

  12. I have been enjoying the use of Creekside Park for 36 years. It is a very short walk from my Cupertino house which I bought in 1982, and it was a part in deciding to buy this particular house over the other choices available at the time.

    Wilson park is a slightly longer walk, but I visit there fairly often on longer walks and would hate to lose that space to parking lots too.

    This is a very bad idea. We don’t need this in ANY or our parks. Even Jollyman would increase the traffic problem for me during games. For Creekside and Jollyman I would basically have to keep track of game times, even though I would have no interest in attending. This would be to plan my personal schedule around not having reasonable access to getting to or from my house during games. I used to have to do that when Creekside was a good vantage point for viewing 4th of July fireworks. I planned my schedule around the assumption that people would park stupidly and block street access to my own driveway.

    We have enough overcrowding, traffic, and too little open space for this to be a serious consideration by anyone who actually lives here in Cupertino.

  13. I strongly oppose losing a park which is used by all for a particular sport or activity. Especially using my tax dollars. I and many I know use cupertino parks everyday and can’t believe this is even being considered.

  14. I liked the idea of a cricket pitch, until I saw the plans. I like having a park that can handle multiple activities. I walk the kids to the park to let them play. People are playing soccer, baseball, football, basketball, walking, biking, training dogs, meeting at the rec center, climbing on play equipment, picnicking at the tables, enjoying the trees. We are to trade all this for a cricket stadium? I think not. Nothing against cricket, but this idea should die quickly.

  15. All 3 of these parks are used daily by a variety of residents and all three plans displace the current residents that are enjoying them. Please do not sacrafice the enjoyment of many for a select few.

  16. Yes by all means use Vallco, NOT our beautiful parks.

  17. Simply a bad idea and a waste of money. The existing parks are fine.

  18. I strongly oppose using ALL tax payers’ money to rob ALL residents of a beautiful neighborhood park, in order to build a single use sports field to be used only by a small sub set of population.

  19. I strongly oppose this lousy idea of using public/tax payer money to rob residents of any neighborhood park and multi-use fields, in order to build a single use sports field only to be enjoyed by a very small sub set of population. Make no sense! Where will other sports go? Soccer? Baseball? Simply jogging and walking and enjoying the park?

  20. I support having a cricket field, but it should be for kids matches and not adult international competition. The field at the library could be improved for kids and if an adult international field is needed a large space like Vallco could be considered.

  21. I go to Creekside Park every day to walk my dog. My youngest could come with me and play at the playground while we do our lap. My older kids played Little League at Wilson, birthday parties at both park, soccer, fly a kite or lay on the grass and watch the clouds, the moon or even the planes. These parks are being used by the neighborhood. How about finding a new spot in which developers can pay for it? Build housing/office, build a park/community center. We are loosing precious open space,don’t take what we have.

  22. I actually like the idea of a regulation size cricket field.
    No, I’m not Indian, British, or any other nationality where cricket’s a major sport … but I enjoy watching cricket.

    I don’t know where @Mark’s been, but the field at the city center is used a *LOT* … I enjoy watching cricket there,
    far more so than soccer and more so than baseball.

    As to the many “subset” comments … note that we have fields for subsets of the population already … and I suspect that some, perhaps many, of them are underutilized. Converting one to cricket (e.g., Wilson Park), would seem fair.

  23. Glenn Bolich | March 1, 2018 at 8:42 pm | Reply

    This is insane, I will turn out against it at any Planning or Parks Commission meeting. Lets raise hell.

  24. Leslie Ericksen | March 2, 2018 at 8:18 pm | Reply

    I completely oppose turning any of our neighborhood park space into a cricket field. Local neighborhoods don’t want to give up their farmers market, places for pick up volleyball, badminton, running with our children, kickball, picnic spaces spaces etc. We bought our homes because of these park spaces.

  25. Use Vallco area OR FORGET IT!

    This is so insanely stupid.

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