Cycling smartglasses tested in Cupertino

Cycling smartglasses tested in CupertinoPhoto credit: Everysight

Cycling enthusiasts in Cupertino got a chance on Sunday, December 3 to test “smartglasses” that feature real-time data, navigation, workout options and a camera that can take photos or video.

Everysight encouraged locals to cycle over to the Cupertino Bike Shop at 10625 S Foothill Blvd. to test out its Raptor augmented smartglasses on area roads and trails.

A video by Everysight showed positive comments by folks who tried out the technology. Two cyclists praised the voice-activated camera and video.

“The fact that I can take videos and pictures while I’m riding, and just talk to it, ‘Go Everysight, take a video,’ that’s way cool,” one rider said.

Everysight is also hosting demo days in Mountain View, San Diego, Santa Monica and Calabasas. Sign up here to participate.


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