Cupertino housing shortage linked to traffic congestion in Fremont

Photo courtesy of City of Cupertino Facebook page.Photo courtesy of City of Cupertino Facebook page.

Traffic congestion problems in Fremont are being blamed on housing shortages near Bay Area job centers such as Cupertino.

In a NBC Bay Area news report published today, Fremont’s Principal Traffic Engineer Noe Veloso said creating more housing near jobs sites, such as Cupertino and Sunnyvale, is the long-term solution to increasing traffic in the Bay Area.

“They really have to provide the housing so that their employees no longer have to travel an hour, an hour and a half to their homes in Central Valley,” Veloso said.

The NBC Bay Area story focuses on navigation apps that reroutes drivers through neighborhoods to avoid freeway congestion, resulting in jammed streets in cities such as Fremont.

Fremont has put up signs telling drivers to ignore their navigation apps and has installed turn restrictions on certain streets, but, according to Veloso, the long term solution is more housing.