More leadership shifts occurring in the Town of Los Gatos

Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Last week, Los Gatos Assistant Town Manager Arn Andrews resigned from his post for a new role as the City of Mountain View’s Assistant City Manager. 

The news of this personnel change comes after the Town of Los Gatos experienced a number of high-level leadership changes over the last year.  The municipality’s Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Directors of the Town’s Parks and Public Works Department and Finance Department all transitioned to new roles during 2022.

Andrews had worked for the Town of Los Gatos for almost six years.  His work for the municipality included overseeing the Town’s Information Technology Department and supporting the development of the Town Council’s annual Strategic Priorities document.

The purview of Andrew’s new post covers the City of Mountain View’s Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology Departments.  He will be working under City Manager Kimbra McCarthy with a starting salary of $306,000.  The maximum salary for his previous role in Los Gatos was just over $227,000.

Andrews will begin his work in Mountain View on February 13, 2023.