Los Gatos High School Experiences Post-Spring Break COVID Surge

Los Gatos High School is experiencing a COVID outbreak with at least 65 students and 9 staff members testing positive for the virus in the past two weeks. Over 2,000 students have been notified of possible exposure as well.

The school principal, Kevin Buchanan, notified LGHS community members that those with serious health concerns are at risk for contracting the virus, and it is strongly recommended, though not required, that students and staff wear masks and are tested more frequently.

End-of-year activities such as AP testing, prom, and graduation may be at risk if COVID continues to spread through the school and safety precautions are recommended to keep things running smoothly as the school year comes to an end.

Cases in the Bay Area increased by 155% compared to early April, though hospitalizations and deaths have continued to remain flat. This is likely due to new, highly contagious subvariants of omicron, in addition to relaxed mask mandates in public settings, according to public health officials.

The LGHS COVID spike comes a week after San Mateo High School experienced a COVID outbreak at their prom event in which 90 students tested positive for the virus. The prom was attended by 600 students and while masks were strongly recommended, they were not worn by many students.