Santa Clara County experiencing 4th COVID surge, health officials say

Santa Clara County Public Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody spoke with NBC yesterday about the status of COVID-19 within the County. According to Dr. Cody, the County is experiencing a 4th surge in COVID-19 cases, with previous surges occurring in Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Winter 2020 and now Summer 2021.

Despite the surge, the good news is Santa Clara County is not experiencing the same death toll that has been seen in previous surges. Which Dr. Cody attributes to the high vaccination rate within the County.

“For a large metro area, greater than a million, I believe we’re the most ‘highly vaccinated’ county in the country,” Dr. Cody said. While she’s proud of the South Bay’s 80 plus percent vaccination rate, the delta variant is still circulating fast.

“It spreads much more easily, that’s the simple fact,” she said. “It just spreads more easily and that’s why we’ve seen this uptick in cases, and it has translated to hospitalizations as well.”

To listen to Dr. Cody’s interview with NBC, click here.