Residential parking permits returning to San Jose

After pausing the program due to COVID-19 restrictions, San Jose is reinstating its Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program to ensure residents won’t get crowded out of their own neighborhoods.

The RPP program will be reimplemented in phases beginning in early August with the S.U.N. and University Zones. Residents in these zones should expect to receive more information and instruction via mail in the near future. Those who live in other RPP zones will receive notice when their respective zone is being phased back in through the mail, and will also be contacted through social media and council offices.

The program has been updated during the hiatus. From now on, permits will be handled virtually via a new web portal, which is not yet live, according to city officials. Once the portal is launched, residents will be able to complete the permit application, approval, and purchase process online instead of going to City Hall in person. The portal will also allow residents to make changes to permit accounts such as updating vehicles or adding guests.

Like the permit issuance process, all new RPP permits will now be virtual. Parking Compliance Officers will simply scan license plates to make sure vehicles have a valid permit on record. Say goodbye to hang tags, stickers, lost permit fees and citations.

The City welcomes feedback from residents about the new virtual process and software while the program is on trial, and plans to make further adjustments in order to facilitate residents’ transition to online permitting. Visit the permit parking webpage for updates as more RPP zones are reactivated.