Long-term care facilities remain COVID-19 hot spots

In the Bay Area, as in communities across the country, nursing homes have been the source of many COVID-19 clusters. The stories have been terrifying for anyone with a family member in long-term care.

At Hayward facility, 7 dead and more than 60 infected. In Orinda, more than 50 confirmed cases. Nearly 40 cases at a center in Riverside, east of Los Angeles. In Santa Clara County, as of Thursday, 164 cases of COVID-19 are associated with long-term care facilities. That includes 50 staff members.

To combat the virus in these particularly vulnerable populations, Santa Clara County officials have issued a host of guidance proposals. This includes more robust testing to identify those exposed to the virus and limiting movement of patients.

County officials say they are taking an aggressive approach to slow the spread at potential outbreak hot spots.

“We have specialized teams dedicated to providing guidance to long-term care facilities, investigating potential cases, and providing comprehensive and intensive interventions where needed to stop the spread of COVID-19, to protect residents and patients,” said Dr. Sarah Rudman, Santa Clara County’s Assistant Health Officer.

To see more information, visit the County’s COVID-19 resources page.