Environmental firm gives Vallco soils clean bill of health

Rendering of the Vallco project. Image courtesy of RevitalizeVallco.com

Vallco is back on the agenda. 

The Cupertino City Planning Commission is set to receive a report on the environmental conditions of the site. And a leading environmental and construction engineering management firm – WSP USA – has just released the results of its Site Characterization Report. 

The report looked at areas of potential concern from prior uses, including its agricultural history and the automotive services once provided by Sears, as well as chemical storage used for cleaning supplies and chemicals used to maintain the mall.

According to the report, three phases of soil investigations were conducted to assess environmental site conditions in connection with the planned development, using a variety of methods including test pit investigations and a geophysical ground-penetrating radar surveys. During its investigation, WSP USA analyzed a total of 87 soil samples from across the site.

The detailed report found that there is “no evidence of contaminants of concern at the site…” and that “No areas of concern were identified that would warrant remedial actions to be taken or further investigation.”

The report from WSP USA was also peer reviewed by the environmental consultant from the nearby Apple Park project, which confirmed WSP’s analysis.

The report was conducted in preparation for further demolition work and eventual construction of the SB 35-approved Vallco Town Center that includes more than 2,400 residential units with 1,200 of them at affordable levels.