Ah ha! A Cupertino home listed under $1M

Ah ha! A Cupertino home listed under $1MThis home on Stevens Canyon Rd. is listed for nearly $400,000.

It’s easy to get excited about any home in Cupertino listed under six figures. And if you’re one to search the online listings every week, those homes start looking like really good options — no matter how they look.

Take this property pictured. Posted on Redfin as of Friday morning, it may include an unlivable, 640-square-foot home on about 1 acre of land. But at just under $400,000, it’s the city’s only listing under $1 million.

Not only that, it’s one of the only homes that’s remained on the market for longer than a handful of days — 91 days at last count. That’s probably because it appears to be the least near Cupertino’s city center.

Will it ever get a buyer? Time will tell. Given Cupertino’s housing shortage that has led to skyrocketing prices in an economically booming cities, we imagine one property owner’s fixer is another’s treasure.