City urges residents to keep streets ‘leaf free’ during rainy season

City encourages leaf free' streets

The city of Cupertino is urging residents to help keep the streets clear of leaves this rainy season — and it has also provided four easy steps to accomplish that goal.

The reason for the campaign, according to the city, is that rain storms can send leaves into gutters and storm drains, potentially clogging them and causing flooding, and can send unwanted debris into the creeks.

Here are four ways you can help keep the streets leaf free:

  1. Park off the street for your sweeping day.  Don’t know your sweeping day? Visit During heavy leaf fall, additional sweeping may occur on your street.
  2. Clean your rain gutters and attach flexible corrugated pipe extensions to drain downspout water to landscaping.
  3. Deposit leaves on private property into your own brown yard waste cart – DO NOT rake, blow, or pile leaves into the street. If you live in a heavy leaf fall area, you can request a free additional yard waste cart by calling Recology at (408) 725-4020.
  4.  Leaves may be accumulated for up to one month as long as they are not stored within the view of the public right of way.