Three Cupertino streets proposed for resurfacing using SB1 funds

Photo courtesy of City of Cupertino Facebook page.Photo courtesy of City of Cupertino Facebook page.

Three Cupertino streets may soon be slated to be resurfaced as the result of Senate Bill 1, otherwise known as the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, City Council is set to vote on whether to fund the resurfacing of Phar Lap Drive (Madera Road to Stevens Creek Boulevard), Clifford Drive (E Estates Drive to Blaney Avenue), and Scofield Drive (Western Drive to De Anza Boulevard) using the city’s estimated $329,412 in SB1 funding for fiscal year 2017-18.

All the resurfaced streets would be completed in Summer 2018 and have an estimated useful life of 25 years, according to city documents.

SB1 is a state gas tax expected to generate over $5 billion annually and $54 billion in the next 10 years to maintain and rehabilitate streets.

You can read the City Council Staff Report here.