Cisco, Google, Roku announce new layoffs

More layoffs are coming for Bay Area tech workers, according to multiple recent reports ranging from state filings to corporate announcements to industry watchdog sites.

Cisco will lay off 350 staff by Oct. 15, spread across its San Jose and Milpitas offices, with the largest share of employees in software engineering roles.  The new cuts bring the company’s total Bay Area reduction to more than 1,000 employees so far this year. Employees were notified earlier this summer.

Mountain View’s Google also recently announced ‘hundreds’ of fresh job cuts in a global all hands meeting last week, with the most recent cuts impacting primarily recruiting. The company’s parent Alphabet cut 12,000 jobs in January along with several other large tech firms.

San Jose-based Roku earlier this month announced plans to lay off 300 employees, roughly 10 percent of its workforce, adding to 200 roles cut in the first quarter this year. Last month, Intel announced it would lay off 140, including 51 in San Jose, primarily in research and development roles.

While the tech layoff trend continues, it has slowed significantly since January, with August’s layoff count at 9,545 just over 10 percent of January’s count of nearly 85,000. All in all, the tech sector has shed nearly 225,000 jobs in 2023 through August, according to a recent Techcrunch report, compared to just under 165,000 jobs in all of 2022, according to industry tracker