Twitter layoffs continue while Musk favors Palo Alto for Tesla headquarters  

Twitter laid off an additional 200 of its employees last weekend. This latest round of layoffs brings the company’s total employee headcount down from an original 7,500 last fall to an estimated 1,800.  

Suspicions of this weekend’s layoffs arose after many employees were unexpectedly logged out of their corporate email accounts and laptops, according to reports.   

Since Elon Musk acquired the platform in October of last year, Twitter has seen a reported 76% decrease in workforce. Many speculate that these cost-cutting measures will impact Twitter’s productivity, as the latest round of layoffs included various top managers, data scientists, and engineers from teams relating to machine learning and site reliability.  

Business Insider reports that many Twitter teams are lacking clear leadership, leaving some junior staffers to oversee products and services they haven’t worked with before.   

Twitter is just one of many tech companies seeing mass layoffs. Earlier this year Microsoft, Google, and Amazon confirmed plans to continue workforce reductions.  

While Twitter’s layoffs don’t bode well for employees of Bay Area tech companies, Musk’s new Tesla engineering headquarters may. 

Musk announced in late February his decision to base Tesla’s engineering headquarters in Palo Alto at a former Hewlett-Packard site. The Tesla social channels followed the announcement with a call out for tech talent to join their team in the Bay Area. The new headquarters will bring at least 700 engineering job openings to the region, according to their career page