Mountain View Parking Lot Time Enforcement Begins Nov. 7

The City of Mountain View announced it will begin enforcing time limits in all city parking lots and garages beginning November 7.

At the same time, the City is now selling downtown parking permits.

The City advises businesses, employees and residents located downtown who need to park longer than two hours to purchase a parking permit. With a permit, drivers can park up to eight hours per day in designated lots and parking structures. The permit excludes on-street parking.

The announcements come one month after the City began enforcing its Narrow Streets and Bike Lane ordinance, which prohibits oversized vehicles, including RV’s from parking on streets with bike lanes and on streets 40 feet wide or narrower.

The ordinance faced a federal lawsuit and scrutiny from homeless advocates who claimed the rule would push hundreds of unhoused individuals living in their cars out of the city. The settlement agreement includes that the city must guarantee at least three miles of parking for oversized vehicles within the city limits.