Santa Clara’s Electrification Rules Now In Effect

Santa Clara’s Reach Codes are now in effect across the city.

The City’s new building and transportation requirements surpass California regulations, further accelerating climate action strategies to achieve carbon emissions reductions. The new requirements restrict the use of natural gas and mandate that all new buildings run off electricity as their primary energy source, including electric cooking and space and water heating, with some exceptions. They also require that all new buildings include electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

Existing home renovations with more than 50 percent change to the original building plate (such as a second story or major remodel) also fall under the electrification requirements.

Silicon Valley Power offers several energy rebates available to individuals for component upgrades totaling as much as $3,650 for residents, as well as specific rebates and grants for low-income residents. It also offers additional rebates to businesses, for equipment upgrades as well as for project-based, customer-directed upgrades to help toward electrification costs not covered under other programs.

Silicon Valley Power also offers eligible Homeowners Association (HOA) grants of up to $25,000 towards energy efficiency upgrades to common areas, with a 20 percent funds match requirement.

See details here for residents and businesses. For more information, contact, or call 408-615-2450.