Santa Clara Valley Water District considers fines for water wasters

The Santa Clara Valley Water District Board is considering adopting an enforcement program aimed at curbing an increase in water usage amid a shortage in supply, Board Chair Pro Tem John L. Varela announced in a statement Wednesday.

The district’s enforcement program would aim to regulate and monitor restrictions on outdoor water use by residential and commercial properties. Repeat offenders of over usage could face fines up to $500. If passed, the program will be the first of Valley Water’s that could fine those who waste water.

The Board will consider staff recommendations and vote on the proposed enforcement plan on May 24.

Santa Clara Water officials asked residents to reduce water usage in March 2019. However, numbers released this week show water usage has steadily increased since restrictions began. On Monday, Santa Clara Valley Water District stated that all ten of the district’s reservoirs were at just 24%.

Drought resources

SCVWD states that the easiest way to reduce water use is by cutting outdoor watering. Landscaping elements like lawns are no longer sustainable in the current climate, the district said.

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Earlier this month Santa Clara City Council followed guidance from SCVWD and limited outdoor water use to two days a week. Find out the daily restrictions in your neighborhood and additional strategies to facing the drought at