BART accepting ‘Fleet of the Future’ rail car deliveries again

BART has greenlighted deliveries of Fleet of the Future rail cars again with the manufacturer’s resolution of significant reliability issues, according to the transit system in a statement today.

The news comes as, during a pause in deliveries that started Jan. 8, 2021, the manufacturer instituted upgrades, modifications and software improvements that have bolstered the rail cars’ performance. The temporary pause also allowed BART to ease rail car storage constraints at its maintenance yards.

BART stated that, while stringent contractual reliability requirements have not been completely met, improvements are such that it has started accepting new deliveries of the rail cars again.

As of Wednesday, BART has received 308 new cars; in addition, 293 have been certified for service and 219 are currently in service. BART is also currently operating 23 new trains; throughout peak commute times, it has a total of 56 trains in service, according to the transit system.

Community members can check out BART’s updates on the number of new rail cars that have been received, certified and are currently in service here. To track when new trains are approaching respective stations, click here for real time departures.