West Nile Detected in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara; treatment scheduled for August 30

Nile Virus (WNV) has been detected this week in Bay Area zip codes 94086, 94087, and 95051, including parts of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. The news follows evidence of West Nile detected in Gilroy earlier this week.

The County of Santa Clara Vector Control District has announced ground mosquito control treatment for the area will be scheduled for Monday night, August 30.  Treatment will help to reduce the mosquito population in the affected zip codes.

The mosquito control treatment is expected to take 3 hours, starting at 10pm. Relocation will not be necessary for residents. The treatment is approved by federal and state Environmental Protection Agencies and is found not dangerous to humans or pets. An interactive map of affected areas can be viewed here.

The County of Santa Clara Vector recommends clearing standing water on your property weekly, and ensuring pools and ponds do not fall below the pump circulation area. Mosquitos are most active towards dusk and dawn. Avoiding outdoor activities during those times will help to minimize exposure to infected mosquitos. WNV is usually accompanied by very mild symptoms. Contact your physician if you have concerns of exposure or symptoms.