Updates to the Santa Clara County Fair

The county of Santa Clara has announced new plans for conducting this year’s county fair in a more COVID-mindful manner. Due to ever-changing health recommendations, original plans have been modified. The drive-thru option of the county fair will no longer take place, and the remaining events will be hybrid, allowing fairgoers to choose to attend events in-person, or virtually.  All tickets and parking will be free.

The fair theme has been changed to Ag-Venture, as it will now primarily focus on livestock showcases, this will include dairy cattle, goats, dogs, rabbits, sheep and hogs. The Santa Clara County Fair will be hosting youth livestock evaluations from July 30 to August 6, followed by a virtual junior livestock auction on August 7.

Youth and adult competitions will take place, and can be explored via a virtual, self-guided tour or in-person; this includes the return of the Santa Clara County Homebrew Competition. Judging is scheduled to take place on July 31 at 9AM. The winner of the Homebrew Competition will be offered the opportunity to brew their beer at Clandestine Brewing in San Jose.

The fair will also offer the heritage exhibit this year, which will be accessible via virtual tours, and in-person viewing from noon to 6pm each day of the fair.

A benefit  concert from the students of Jinye Wang’s Raincat Studios will be featured at this year’s fair. The concert will be hosted in Saratoga on July 31 from 3:30PM to 5:30PM. All concert proceeds will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

You can view the fairgrounds virtually here, and learn more about the upcoming events & view a detailed schedule here.