VTA Delays Return to Service to mid-August at soonest

Following the mass shooting at its San Jose control center on May 26, Valley Transit Authority (VTA) temporarily suspended services. While VTA released an announcement in early July that estimated light rail services would be fully operational by the end of the month, more recent updates have pushed the expected return-to-service goal to mid-August at soonest.

“VTA is working diligently and compassionately to restore the service we know the community relies on, and we are making every effort to bring back that service as soon as is safely possible,” VTA officials said in a statement posted to their website. The VTA Board of Directors outlined the six phase plan that will lead up to reintegration of full operations.

Phase 1, concluded on June 30, included evaluating the structural competency of main buildings and the needs of their future workspace, as well as assessing employees’ status for return. Assessments during Phase 1 determined that the main buildings at the Guadalupe yard were not yet habitable and temporary workplaces would be necessary; it is not yet known if the buildings will be remodeled, or rebuilt.

VTA is currently in Phase 2, which focuses on ensuring resources are available to help employees gain confidence in returning to the workplace, and exploring program options for continued employee wellness and safety. Three successive phases include onboarding of staff, repairs, and trials of service. Trials will not include passengers until Phase 5, when operations will be fully functional.

Phase 6 will be a transition back to full services outlined by VTA’s 2019 pre-pandemic new transit service plan.

Ongoing updates will be posted to the VTA website here. Information about alternate trip plans using regular bus service in the meantime is available via email at customer.service@vta.org or by phone at 408-321-2300.