California Geological Survey issues new tsunami hazard maps for the Bay Area

The California Geological Survey (CGS) released new interactive Tsunami Hazard Area maps for San Francisco, Santa Clara and Contra Costa Counties. The maps allow you to type in an address to determine whether a property is within a tsunami hazard area.

The new maps replace the 2009 maps published by the CGS and are not only based on how far inland a surge of seawater might go in a worst-case scenario but also include minor inland “buffers” to roads and landmarks to clarify where people must evacuate to be safe. These buffer areas also account for potential errors and uncertainties in the modeling. 

Residents are encouraged to review and use the maps to plan a safe evacuation route in case of emergency.

You can view the map for Santa Clara County here.

To use the map, first locate where you live, work or visit. If your property is located in the yellow hazard area, after feeling a long earthquake, or receive an official evacuation notification, evacuate by foot immediately to a green area.

CGS has noted the tsunami hazard is slightly higher in Santa Clara County compared to San Francisco and Contra Costa County.

For more information about the maps and what to do before, during and after a tsunami in Santa Clara County, click here.