Apple Security Chief, Undersheriff Rick Sung Indicted in Concealed Weapons Permit Bribery Scandal

Apple’s Chief Security Officer Thomas Moyer was indicted today along with Undersheriff Rick Sung, Captain James Jensen, and insurance broker Harpreet Chadha by a Santa Clara County criminal grand jury in a growing bribery scandal that has rocked the county’s top law enforcement and business elites.   

The indictments are the latest development in the two-year investigation into the CCW gun permit scheme involving money exchanged for permits allowing people to carry concealed firearms in the County. Seven people have already been charged in the scheme, and three defendants have already pleaded guilty. 

Undersheriff Rick Sung allegedly held back the issuing of permits until Moyer agreed to donate close to $70,000 worth of iPads to the Sheriff’s office, Rosen said in a press conference today. The donation was allegedly pulled back at the 11th hour following a search warrant into the probe. 

“Call this quid pro quo, call it pay to play, call it give to get, it is illegal and deeply erodes public confidence in the criminal justice system,” said Rosen. “This scheme to give weapons permits for money and expensive favors is not how a democracy works. This investigation and the resulting charges are how a democracy works. No one is above the law.”