Families, communities prepare for a different Halloween experience

Halloween will look and feel different this year, as COVID-19 spoils another time-honored tradition.

City of Cupertino and Santa Clara County officials have advocated for reduced community activities, including trick-or-treating. High-risk activities, including door-to-door meandering from costumed children, could lead to COVID-19 spread and highly complicated contact tracing.

County officials noted that gatherings, celebrations, events, or large parties with non-household members are generally barred.

The County broke potential activities into low-, moderate-, and high-risk tiers to make it easier for families.

Low-risk activities include outdoor pumpkin patches, virtual costume contests, home decorating, and vehicle-based gatherings.

Moderate-risk, in the ‘if you must’ level, include one-way trick-or-treating where treats are lined up for distanced pick up. Face coverings remain essential, as does hand washing and disinfecting hygiene. Small groups are preferred.

Higher-risk activities include traditional trick-or-treating or traveling to large-scale festivals outside of the community.

Families are urged to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms in the 14 days following the holidays.

To see the full breakdown from Santa Clara County, click here.