Santa Clara moves to claim $2.7m in unpaid rent from 49ers

The continued battle between Santa Clara authorities and the 49ers took another turn this week, days before the season begins.

In its role as the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, the city moved to force the 49ers to pay $2.7 million in unpaid rent.

“The Stadium Authority hopes that the 49ers will put their time and effort to paying the rent due, rather than claiming political games in the media,” the authority said in a statement.

The team has contested the amount and has thus far declined to pay. In July, the 49ers notified Santa Clara that they would be reducing rent payments by 20%. Authority leaders responded at the time notifying the club that rent reductions were not allowed in the team’s lease.

According to Stadium Authority officials, the 49ers have not paid their September rent installment, worth $2.751 million. That led the authority to issue the team with a default notice.

The 49ers lease requires the team and the authority to “meet and confer” with arbitration proceedings to follow.

In its response, the 49ers took aim squarely at Santa Clara’s leadership.

“While the 49ers work to support the region’s economy, Mayor Gillmor continues a pattern of mismanagement that is costing the city critical revenue, hurting small businesses, and endangering local jobs,” the team told SFGATE.


Late Thursday, the 49ers said they would pay the September rent payment.

“The September rent payment will be paid in full,” Rahul Chandhok, a team spokesman, told the San Francisco Chronicle.