Fire containment increases, though threats remain

Favorable conditions overnight Monday and Tuesday morning gave firefighters a chance to make progress on the region’s major fires.

While significant smoke alerts remain across the West Valley, containment of the fires led to a positive outlook. Residents are urged to limit outdoor activities, keep AC on re-circulate mode and keep windows closed.

As of Tuesday morning, the CZU Complex fire west of Cupertino was 17% contained after burning nearly 80,000 acres. The fire’s borders extended from Loma Mar nearly to the north end of the UC Santa Cruz campus.

“The weather was really cooperating with us,” said Mark Brunton of CAL FIRE in an update. “We had really good skies so that we could fly our aircraft in.”

For information on the CZU fire, visit the San Mateo County site here, the Santa Cruz County site here, or the CAL FIRE CZU Twitter feed here.

In a similarly timed update, the SCU Complex fire to the east was at 15% containment. At 363,000 acres burned it is among the largest fires in state history.

For information on the SCU fire, visit the Santa Clara County site here or the CAL FIRE SCU Twitter feed here.