Santa Clara launching program to assist on water bills

With families at home more during the COVID-19 shelter in place, water and sewer bills are on the rise. Combine that with economic hardship due to business closures and reduced work, and families are struggling to get by.

The City of Santa Clara is responding to this challenge with a new program to assist residential customers. Those who have been harmed by COVID-19’s impacts may be able to get a 25% discount on their bill.

“It’ll be an opportunity to provide some ongoing relief to our lower income families,” Santa Clara Councilmember Teresa O’Neill said.

Residents will have to apply for the program, which discounts up to a certain level of water usage. The Water and Sewer Rate Assistance Program was approved in a city council meeting Tuesday evening.

Santa Clara has been active during the COVID-19 pandemic, including through an overwhelmingly popular small business grant program.

The new effort will build on the existing program with Silicon Valley Power that assists low-income families with electric bills.

Applications will launch in early August. For more information, visit the city’s website here.