Santa Clara schools meeting leads to large quarantine

Dr. Stella Kemp - image courtesy of Santa Clara Unified School District

More than three dozen school leaders are in self-quarantine following a recent in-person meeting that came to light this week.

The Santa Clara Unified School District hosted the gathering, first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

At least 40 South Bay school principals and administrators met in person, which District Superintendent Stella Kemp confirmed. Kemp defended the meeting to the Chronicle, saying the complexity of the work required in-person meetings.

One person at the gathering, who had not yet developed symptoms of COVID-19, later tested positive for the virus.

The news came the same week that both San Jose Unified Schools and the County Superintendent released guidelines for reopening schools next month.

Santa Clara County has seen a recent spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, leading Governor Newsome to roll back reopenings.