Targeted mosquito spraying in Santa Clara County starts Tuesday

Mosquito spraying is coming to Santa Clara County this week, aimed at stopping any West Nile Virus spread. The actions follow confirmed West Nile virus tests in mosquitoes in three zip codes in Santa Clara.

Starting Tuesday, June 23, County Vector Control will conduct truck-mounted spray, in areas of 95050, 95051, and 95054 zip codes. Scott Blvd. at Walsh Ave. is the hub for activities. A map of the planned spray areas is available here.

The operation will begin at approximately 10 p.m. and run for a few hours. The city notes that the area is mostly industrial, with limited exposure to residents. The spray will follow CDC and County health department guidelines.

According to the city’s announcement, residential relocation is not necessary.

“During the adult mosquito control treatment operations, there is no need to relocate. Those who wish to minimize exposure for family members or pets may close windows and remain inside during the scheduled time period, which typically lasts three hours.”

To see more information about the county’s vector control program, click here.

If you have questions contact Vector Control at 408-282-3114 or by email at

To see the CDC’s website about West Nile Virus, click here.