Santa Clara Police to review record of recently indicted former officer

A former City of Santa Clara police officer was among those indicted this week in a cyberstalking case. The man’s actions have prompted the department to investigate his behavior during his time on staff.

Brian Gilbert, who retired from the force in early 2018 before being hired by eBay, is accused of a sustained stalking campaign against victims of an online news outlet in Massachusetts that covered the company.

Gilbert was one of six eBay employees charged, all of whom worked in the company’s security team. Court documents suggest an elaborate scheme, including efforts to deceive police investigators.

In a statement late Wednesday, Santa Clara officials said they would conduct a review of Gilbert’s time on the force.

“While we have no reports that indicate similar alleged behavior during his employment with the City, our investigation is being done to ensure that we maintain the public’s trust,” the statement read, in part.

While now-Santa Clara Police Chief Pat Nikolai campaigned last fall for his role, Gilbert and two other retired officers publicly endorsed him over a fellow officer.

Nikolai expressed surprise at the accusations against Gilbert in a statement Wednesday.

“I am shocked and saddened by what I’ve read about the federal indictment,” Nikolai said.

According to the city, Gilbert’s file from his time in the police force did not show any disciplinary actions.

Starting in 2018, Gilbert has received an annual pension of more than $207,000. That pension is likely not at risk during these court proceedings, as the actions are not related to his time as an officer.