Virtual NASA event Wednesday in Cupertino

NASA scientist Christina Cheung is coming to the Cupertino Library to discuss the Fruit Fly Lab-03 experiment.

Though the school year has ended for most West Valley students, learning opportunities continue.

Cupertino has organized a virtual event in its NASA Speaker Series, for residents of all ages to hear updates on that ongoing frontier.

An event Wednesday will discuss the Mars Science Laboratory and many of its systems. It’s subtitle ‘Try Not to Panic When Your Heatshield Material Disappears’ describes an educational and entertaining event.

Dr. Helen Hwang will speak at the event, highlighting the lab’s 2011 developments for a new heatshield. The experimentation, redesign, and successful implementation of the effort was accomplished under significant time pressures.

Dr. Hwang will discuss the experience and preview the next Mars mission.

Wednesday’s event runs from 12 to 1 p.m. on Zoom.

To register for the viewing, click here. To see more details, click here.