COVID-19 case count rises in County jails

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Three more inmates in Santa Clara County jails are have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days.

According to the County Sheriff’s office, one inmate tested positive on Saturday, May 23. He had been in the County’s main jail since arrest on May 9.

The inmate was housed in one of the jail’s 14-day separation units, created for the COVID-19 response. Newly booked inmates go into the units following a medical evaluation and are monitored for health status in the units. In addition to daily temperature checks, inmates stay in these units before moving into the larger facility.

Following the first inmate testing positive, other inmates in the separation units were tested, with all coming back negative, according to officials.

On Tuesday, a second inmate tested positive at the Elmwood Correctional Facility – Minimum Camp, after presenting symptoms. The inmate was moved into a medical unit. Any inmates who could have been exposed were tested, resulting in a third inmate testing positive.

That thirst inmate was also moved into an isolated medical unit.

“All three positive inmates are being closely monitored by Custody Health staff,” the Sheriff’s office said.

All inmates at the Elmwood facility are currently being tested, as are all employees with potential exposure.

The Sheriff’s office is actively using an investigative unit to perform contact tracing.

“The Sheriff’s Office remains committed to protecting the health and safety of those in our custody, our staff and our community,” the statement continued.