Town hall Thursday on housing and school enrollment in Cupertino

Cupertino High School opens new classrooms and science buildings

Cupertino’s back and forth battle over new housing, particularly affordable units, is well documented.

The lack of new families in the West Valley community has led to a significant decrease in public school enrollment. In turn, that has led officials to consider consolidating local elementary schools.

Despite the recent legal win for Sand Hill’s revitalization of Vallco, with 2,402 units of housing planning – including half at affordable rates, Cupertino faces significant housing stock challenges in coming years. That was in stark view during a recent city council meeting, during a discussion of upcoming state housing requirements.

A town hall this week, hosted by pro-housing advocacy group Cupertino For All, will examine those topics. Some big local names will add to the discussion, giving the event some serious chops.

“Artificial scarcity has rendered most city housing entirely inaccessible for new, often younger families, leading to the continuous decline of school enrollment,” reads the event description.

Event details

The event set for Thursday, May 28, runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese will provide opening remarks before three panels kick off.

  • Panel 1 – ‘Voices of our Schools’
    • Lori Cunningham – Cupertino Union School District
    • Polly Bove – Fremont Union High School District
    • Judy Miner – Foothill-De Anza District
  • Panel 2 – ‘Message from Youth’
    • Three student activists will provide insights
  • Panel 3 – ‘More Inclusive Schools and Housing
    • Evan Low – State Assemblymember
    • Rod Sinks – Cupertino Councilmember
    • Kathy Robinson – Charities Housing
    • Otto Lee – Former Mayor Sunnyvale
    • David Fung – Cupertino Planning Commissioner

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