Homestead students start guidance group to ease transition to high school

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For many students, the transition from middle school to high school can be a difficult one. New peers, a larger student body, and increased stress levels make it difficult to succeed and find a place.

To help ease that transition, a group of Homestead High School juniors have started a new support organization. Inara, as the group is known, is working to give middle school students guidance on how to make the leap. The group is also providing resources to keep students motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Reflecting on our own experiences going from middle to high school and how this pandemic is affecting current middle schoolers, we realized how we could have used a program like this when we went to high school and how we could provide the guidance and support that current middle schoolers may not be able to find elsewhere,” said co-founder Michelle Wallerius.

Inara connects middle school students with a high school mentor for bi-weekly sessions. These connections foster a more supportive atmosphere for asking questions and garnering feedback. The high school students also provide best practices for time management and course selection.

According to the Inara website, all six team members are Homestead High School students, and are an all-female crew. The organization is recruiting mentors now.

Potential participants apply for the mentorship program through the Inara website, adding specific interest areas.

To see more information or to sign up, visit the group’s website here.